Water purifier sector size is rapidly growing in the last 10 years with the percentage of %100 every year. While the size of the sector in the World is 5 billion USD, it reached 200 million USD in Turkey.

Although  the sector size is growing %100 every year, statistics show that only %3 percent of the people are using water purifier systems. This data shows the sustainable growth will continue in the following years.


Alongside domestic & industrial purification systems, we also serve for projects and technical service in 81 cities all over Turkey. We are the only company which owns ISO10002, CE and HALAL certificates in all of the product range.

Using %100 Turkish capital, Aquatekno company is always following the newest technologies available and producing the best water purifications systems which provides the most healthy and valuable drinking water.

With powerful stock and distribution channels, Aquatekno company is always following the rule of %100 customer satisfaction and increasing sales & service points in all over Turkey for sustainable sector leadership.


  • Producer company, unlimited stock and build your own RO capability
  • Orientation support for sales & technical issues
  • Private label capability
  • 2 years product guarantee
  • NSF certificates in all parts contacting water
  • Durability and leakproof test in all products